June 7, 2017



Get stuff for free (or very cheap):

  • Startups who qualify for our programs receive access to advisory services, resources and programming
  • Qualified companies receive a Lead Advisor and free advisory services (guaranteed minimum of 1 hour face-to-face time per month)
  • Access to APS’s Executives in Residence at the discretion of your Lead Advisor
  • Access awesome free or discounted resources like Hubspot and Bizspark
  • Access free Market Intelligence reports
  • We help you to build a business plan/model of your business
  • We help you to apply for a business loan up to $100,000 CAD (BDC)

Build your company:

  • Free legal advice with our weekly Legal Briefs program
  • Take advantage of free education & resources (ex. Business Fundamentals)
  • Complimentary talent consultation at the discretion of your lead advisor
  • Come face to face with investors at events
  • Go global with the CDMN Soft Landing program
  • Access specialized services for social ventures

Take the next step:

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Information found on this APS website is not by any means or suggestion a guarantee of acceptance or consideration to any of the programs.
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