June 12, 2017

Apply | International Start Up Track


  • Applicant is the venture’s founder; co-founder(s) will be considered;
  • Any adult age or background;
  • A unique and innovative idea that is in raw, seed, early, or growth stage;
  • For-profit startup
  • Applicant(s) is able to arrive to Toronto, ON for program. Successful applicants will receive a letter of invitation from an APS recommended education facility, in order to obtain appropriate visa;
  • An ability to communicate in English equivalent to a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5;
  • Completion of one year of study in a post-secondary institution;


    Tell Us About Your Venture

    Tell Us About You

    In order to successfully complete the program and present the venture to funders, participants must attend, in person, all seminars and lectures.

    I have read the eligibility requirements (top of this page) and understand the application process. *

    Information found on this APS website is not by any means or suggestion a guarantee of acceptance or consideration to any of the programs.
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